Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JAZZ Michelle Hendricks

Michele Hendricks, 1990
Photo taken by JoAnn Krivin

Michelle Hendricks is the daughter of singer and lyricist, Jon Hendricks. She grew up around jazz, singing from the time she was 8. She would follow her father on tour and sometimes she sang with him on stage. She has had her own solo career, recording a few albums in the late 1980s. She now lives in Paris where she teaches and sometimes performs concerts.
As you can see, jazz is still her passion. Her smile lights up this photo. You know she must be singing a more upbeat jazz song, but most likely she’s doing what she loves best: improving or scat. The black background of the photo helps to highlight the expression on her face, a joy that is common among jazz performers.
The black and white style of the photo reflects the essence of jazz. Jazz is the classic American musical movement. It was a sound revolution that escalated the status of the American African – American musician. It is a music of improve based on a few simple progressions. Starting in the 1920s and continuing on today, jazz has touched many people and is still very popular.
The black and white style works well with the fashion of jazz; classic lines of black suits and the shine of the instruments. Formal dresses with artsy jewelry adorn the beautiful singers. Jazz fashion was very formal thus indicative of black and white photos.
This photo reflects everything about jazz and helps you experience jazz up close.

by E.H.

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