Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Valley Fox
Red Goddess, 2008
oil on linen
70 x 60

Valley Fox is a woman with a meaning. Her art transcends the art of eastern cultures, America and the provocative. Red Goddess is a painting on linen that brings thoughts of sensuality and organic elements together in one painting.

Red Goddess uses the colors of passion to exemplify the changeless elements of human sexuality and nature. Effectively titled, “Changeless Nature,” Red Goddess is a giant of color and of the erotic in this exhibit.

Educated with emphasis of the Orient, Valley makes her art with obvious influence of nature and of the east. This gigantic in size painting measures at 70 by 60 inches. Using vibrant bright and passionate colors she lures you into the painting, and makes a viewer imagine different images other than simply a flower.

The Red Goddess in Hindu, refers to a goddess of the Divine Woman, and Durga is the warrior aspect. The name “Durga” commonly translated as “a woman with creative force”, gives this painting a new meaning. Commonly pictured as a warrior woman with ten arms, and glowing red skin, Valley titled this very appropriately.

Born in Plantation Florida in 1975, Valley received her art education in Philadelphia and Toulouse, France. Exploring her love for eastern cultures, she also has a MA in Oriental medicine, and Nursing.

By A.A.

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