Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sensual Play, oil on canvas, painted by Valley Fox.

Just by looking at this painting anyone can tell that it is a close up view of a flower, but this has more meaning than just being a flower. When you see a flower this means that it is the beginning of a new season, a new beginning. To see the true beauty of a flower is to see it when it first blooms and when you do take that moment you want to look at it as close as possible. Just like when you have the new relationship in the beginning it is new and you want to take a closer look. There is has another meaning behind it though and that is the passion a flower can hold. Either the colors or the shapes a flower makes can determine the mood a person feels. With this painting “Sensual Play” its like you can see the sexual motion of two people. It is like a dance, looking at the waves of movement inside the flower inner petals mingling with each other. The use of color also plays apart, which is tones of red. Red is the color for love and passion, which stimulates a person to have these feelings towards someone. This painting provokes a feeling in a person, which can tell them all of two things. First is the true beauty of a flower if you just take that moment to look, and second the emotion one can feel for another.

By J.H.

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