Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Valley Burke Fox’s “Red Goddess” was created in 2009. The painting is oil on Linen. The scale of the single panel painting is 76”x 66”. Valley Fox is represented by the Viviana Hansen Gallery in Franklin, New York and Woodward gallery, Manhattan. One of many botanical paintings, “Red Goddess” comes from the Changeless Nature Exhibition, which consists of both James Walton Fox and Valley Burke Fox most recent works. Valley Fox is a multifaceted woman with a knowledgeable background is studies in Oil painting, Oriental Medicine and Chinese language, and Science and Nursing. Her art is a syndication of her background.
“Red Goddess” embodies an inner, subjective expression of Fox’s response to nature historical importance. The painting is flooded with warm vibrant colors, and free flowing organic shapes. The red tonal value within the painting is an indication of its sexual representation. The composition of the painting seems like it mimics a flower submerged in water. The movement in the painting captures the flowers essence, the pedals cascade diagonally from corner to corner. The softness of the flower mirrors femininity a bold way. Fox’s delicate brush work reflects the elegance of nature’s beauty.

By C.R.

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